Thursday, March 7, 2019

03/07 Thursday

3+" of new snow.  All ski trails groomed this morning.  Due to warm temps., we were just able to make a couple of passes.  We did lay corduroy but, surfaces will be soft.

Here are some points of interest as of 03/05:
     We have groomed 101 days this season
     We have run the equipment for 2623 miles on the ski trails
     Only 2 days this season have I not removed dog poop off the ski trails(we don't pick up plastic bags)

Good skiing, Randy


  1. Maybe we need to start doing the “clean-up after-your-dog dance”? Perhaps it will work as well as our snow dance?

  2. Just saw this... Considering the amount of negligence, anything is worth a try. But, how would one start such a dance? Hmmmmm...