Sunday, April 15, 2018

04/15 Sunday

Campground, Meadow thru Van's, and Upper UW groomed today.  The good news: where there is snow, the skiing is very good.  The bad news: there are areas of bare ground completely across ski trails in some areas.  Campground and Meadow have coverage, Upper UW is about 95%, Phils outbound is about 95%, Turnpike, Moose and Van's outbound are 100%.  Inbound Van's is bare in a couple of bad spots and is 90%,  Moose is bare in a bad area and is 95%, Turnpike is 100%, Phils is about 80%, and Gobi's is 90%.  Trails not listed above were too thin/bare to take grooming equipment on for the last few days.  

Regular grooming will cease as of today.  It has again been a pleasure for us to serve the skiers of the area.  It was good to see old friends, and also to make new.  Dan and I hope you have a fantastic offseason.



  1. Thanks for working miracles with very little snow!

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