Tuesday, April 10, 2018

04/10 Tuesday

About 1" of new snow overnite.  All ski trails, except Summit and Rollercoaster, groomed today.  With colder temps, and a little new snow, the trails groomed out very good.  I did shovel some on Ridge, and Campground Loop to keep them skiable.  Ridge, Blackjack, and Lower UW have significant open areas, and trail narrowing and will not endure with a lot of sunshine.  Upper UW, and Meadow thru Van's had only one open area this morning located on Moose Loop inbound.  As the current open areas on Ridge and Moose can come up quickly while skiing, I have them marked with an orange traffic cone.  As I was leaving, I noticed the sun had softened the surface considerably.

Good skiing, Randy

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  1. Thanks for all your work to provide safe and enjoyable trails.