Saturday, March 24, 2018


All ski trails, that we have been grooming, were groomed today.  The base froze last nite but, I was able to smooth out the surface, and lay a little corduroy.  Coverage remains fair to good, with the fair trail being Rollercoaster.  the were some dark areas on several trails which may be dirt tomorrow.  I did take multiple extra passes on Campground to try and fill in the post holes from yesterday's walkers/runners and was somewhat successful.

I was puzzled again today by walkers in another part of the trail system, choosing the groomed ski trails as their trail of choice.  Now, the idea that walkers choose to post hole the groomed trails is nothing new but, these people made a point of stomping out the classic tracks.  I don't know if they walked on the classic tracks to keep their bearings, or if they were appalled that someone would groom trails specifically for skiing and include classic tracks as well...

Good skiing, Randy

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