Saturday, February 10, 2018

02/10 Saturday

About 1" of new snow overnite(gyped again).  All ski trails, except Summit and Gobis, smoothed this morning.  Summit and Gobis have large, open areas and will not receive any regular attention until winter actually shows up.  Rollercoaster has a few taller rocks showing thru, but otherwise skiable.  The rest of the ski trails are good.  

In consideration for fellow trail users:  As much as we love to ski with our furry friends, they have been leaving a lot of "presents".  There has been just ONE day, this season, that I have not picked up after someone else's dog.  I don't want it spread around the trails with the grooming equipment, NO ONE wants it on their skiis.  I also have concerns for the kids ski/wee ski youth, especially around the warming hut.  If you choose to ski with your dog, PLEASE act responsibly and remove your dogs "presents" from the trails.


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  1. Well said Randy. You guys are the best. As if keeping the trails skiable in our “low snow” environment wasn’t enough, it’s too bad you have to spend time cleaning up after other people’s dogs. C’mon dog owners; step up and clean up!