Sunday, December 17, 2017

December 17

As the snow is late in coming, coupled with unseasonably warm temps, grooming has been unsuccessful thus far.  We have rolled 3 times this season after each measurable snowfall, in an attempt to establish a base.  After the first 2 times, the snow melted completely off in places.  We rolled last Monday, on about 3" of new.  The good new is the latest snow has not melted off.  The bad news is the snow surface is very uneven, and the coverage is paper thin in many areas.  The latest forecast is for colder temps, but not much snow.

For those that have been participating in the snow dance: I strongly advise you change your technique.  We need all skiers to join in snow dancing with enthusiasm and urgency.  Maybe even try an unusual or seldom utilized form... desparate times, desparate measures!


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