Saturday, March 18, 2017

03/18 Saturday

Constantly changing, spring conditions are happening.  Summit, Haunted Forrest, Gobi's will not receive any more grooming until we get substantial snowfall.  Lower UW, Ridge, Rollercoaster, Alder, and Blackjack all have larger open areas that may prevent continued grooming until the spring snows arrive.  Upper UW was in pretty good shape this morning but, it has the history of degrading rapidly.  Meadow, Phil's, Turnpike, Moose, and Van's all are in very good shape for skiing with the only questionable spot being on Moose inbound.  As we did yesterday, we shoveled snow into several areas today.  We are running out of snow, on the sides of the trails to shovel from.  We will continue to try and keep the trails skiable.


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