Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No Subject

02/11 Wednesday - All ski trails groomed this morning.  Conditions are mostly hard pack.  Coverage remains good, except for Summit which required snow shoveling to cover bare spots and trail narrowing.  

Remember the races this weekend.  Friday at 1pm is the start of high school freestyle.  The course is Meadow, Phil's, Turnpike, Moose, Ridge, and Alder.  There is a prologue at 4pm using Meadow, Ridge and Alder.  Saturday is a classic race beginning at 9:30am for high school, junior high school, college and citizen athletes.  Classic tracks will be in the middle of the ski trails using the same course as Friday's high school freestyle.  Sunday begins at 9:30 and is a freestyle race for college and citizens.  Please respect the participants and the course, especially the classic tracks for Saturday's race.

Thanks,  Randy 

P.S. It's never too late to do the snow dance!

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