Thursday, January 2, 2014

01/02/14 Thursday - Some more new snow after rolling yesterday. All trails groomed today. Conditions were still a little soft. Coverage is great everywhere except Summit. Summit which requires more snow than the rest of the trails, has good coverage. I will make an effort to set some classic tracks before the weekend. I hope you enjoy the corduroy.

Good skiing, Randy

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  1. Some joker decided it was a good day to ride his snow bike or the soft ski trails leaving huge ruts

  2. The skiing is improving rapidly. Thanks for all the hard work. Randy. For a while the SE Wyoming Snowbike google doc had a note that they had found an injured skier on the groomed portion of Haunted Forest that had fallen due to a snow bike trench. This has since been taken down. Here's the link to their updates.

  3. I'm having more issues with dogs than damage caused by bikes. At least the bike riders don't defecate on the trails!