Monday, January 28, 2013

01/28 Monday - What a difference a day can make. I was trying to politely to point out how Sunday morning, due to the multiple parades of walkers on the groomed trails, I was unable to remove all the foot pock marks. Or the damage to the snow where people started a fire on the groomed trails. Or having to pick up after the people who left their empty beer cans on the trails. This morning, while Don and I were shoveling snow into the low/thin spots on the trails, mother nature stepped in and began covering us in snow. Sooo, thanks to mother nature for renewing the trail surface and also my demeanor.

Hopefully, enough snow will fall this afternoon, and tonight to allow us to roll the trails Tuesday morning.

Good job on the snow dance! KEEP IT UP… PLEASE.



  1. Randy - you have truly been a "miracle worker" this season. Thanks TONS for all you've done to keep the trails going, especially with the scarce snow! I'm gonna mix up my snow dance tonight and hope it helps...

  2. Yes! Thanks for all your hard work. Shoveling snow by hand so the rest of us can keep skiing??? Someone should buy you a puppy.