Thursday, January 5, 2012

01/05 Thursday - All trails groomed this morning. We have lost a smidgeon of base depth since last report. No new snow since… Trails are a still a little dirty from pine needles. The good news is: The base is still holding up. Skiing is fairly good to good. Summit still has it's thin areas, but the rest of the trails have good coverage and thin spots are easily avoided.

So… go out and have fun. We will get new snow at some point… Do the SNOW DANCE. A little, unsolicited, advice: However you have been doing the dance, change it up, the old style is not working so well.


PS to address questions, we groom every morning the road is open, even if there is no grooming report written for that day. We may groom later in the day if it is snowing hard in the a.m., although we have not been forced into that type of decision for a looonng time.

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