Friday, December 2, 2011

Hello All,

I have been working thru a computer failure, and the challenges that go along with it.

12/02 - Friday All trails except Summit groomed this morning. Campground thru Vans has good coverage and groomed out well this morning. The inbound part of some trails has thin coverage spots, especially Haunted Forrest. Ridge, Blackjack, Rollercoaster and the lower part of the Campground Loop are in fair condition with several thin spots. The UW's are in pretty good condition with a couple of thin coverage areas. The snow received on Wednesday nite has set up fairly well with a couple of exceptions.

We are on the verge of GOOD skiing, just a little shy on snow depth. So do your part tonight by participating in the snow dance, and adding some encouragement to the storm scheduled for this evening.


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