Friday, April 29, 2011

04/29 Friday - No new. All trails groomed this morning. It was snowing
hard when I left this morning.

Two reminders:
First - In accordance with a decision by the Board, grooming for
Saturday will only take place Friday pm. Grooming for Sunday will only
occur on Saturday pm. If it snows after pm grooming, there will be no
further grooming until the following evening.
Second - The Board has also made the decision to halt grooming, for this
season, as of this Sunday May, 1. I will be up on the trails to remove
signs, snow fences, prepare equipment for storage, and generally get ready
for a change in seasons. But, there will be no specific grooming after this


1 comment:

  1. Randy and Luke-

    On behalf of the nordic community, I would just like to thank you guys for the continued exemplary grooming work at Happy Jack. After the second straight 6+ month-long ski season, its obvious that whatever you're doing up there is definitely working, so heres to another great winter and good prospects for the next one! Keep up the excellent work!