Friday, March 5, 2010

03/05 Friday - All trails groomed Wednesday thru Friday. As much extra
grooming that has taken place this season to repair surface damage from
various forms of foot traffic, we had to repair a different type of trail
abuse on Thursday morning. Three Jerks drove their vehicles onto the ski
trails. One jerk was able to drive their pickup part of the way up
Campground hill before they became stuck. Luke and myself shoveled and
packed snow into holes from tires and digging. We made several extra
grooming passes to help disguise the damage. I point this out so those of
you who noticed some uneven surfaces, along with tire tracks, have an
understanding of what occurred.

I believe the damage will be unrecognizable come Saturday. It was snowing
hard when I left from grooming this morning. The only evidence I could see
was the tire tracks in the classic tracks on Campground hill. We will be
out grooming in the morning, to make the skiing as good as we can.

Thanks, Randy

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  1. It has been brought to our attention that a number of bags of dog feces have been hung on tree branches throughout the ski area. While a few responsible citizens have kindly been willing to ski back to the garbage cans with someone else's dog poop, MBNA is not in the business of collecting bags off of the trails. If your dog has to go while out on the trail, either scoop and carry it back to the parking lot or kindly remove it from the trail.