Tuesday, March 2, 2010

03/02 Tuesday - Trace of new Sunday nite. All trails groomed Monday and
Today. Some classic tracks were reset. Conditions are great. It might get
a little warm in the afternoon, so be aware of softer snow.


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  1. A springtime story: So, there I was, out for a relaxing late-night snowshoe trip, when I discovered a Florida-plated Hyandai that had driven partway up the Campground Loop and then dropped a tire off the packed snow trying to back back down the hill. Hoping to avoid making another set of tracks all over your trail, I helped the driver put on some tire cables she had with her and tried to push her out. No go. So I offered to back the truck up the hill and drag all four tires back onto Snowa Firma. It worked! But, sorry about the tracks all over your nice grooming work....