Sunday, December 13, 2009

12/13/09  All trails were groomed this morning and the corduroy is still laying out nicely.  It was trying to snow as I left, so perhaps we'll luck out and pick up a little new.  

And now some friendly tips for dog owners.  If your dog is either aggressive or too excited to obey commands please consider how you and your pet might be impacting others that are recreating, or in our case, working.  The groomed runs are a great place to run dogs when it is set up firm enough that they don't trash the trails.  I have a dog that fits the above description, so when I bring him up there he wears a harness.  That way he can't ruin anyone's day but mine.  Nor can he run off and poop in the trail where I can't see him, and therefore don't feel responsible to clean it up.  I'm mainly bringing this up because a good half dozen dogs have attempted to board the moving snowmobile while I've been grooming in the past week.  It would be a sad situation if one of those animals managed to get hit with the grooming equipment.  Please take responsibility for your pets.  Thanks.


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