Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grooming officially began today! We had been waiting on a usage permit from
the Forest Service. It was ratified today for this year, and years to come.
Conditions are as follows: The base has been established. Spring
conditions exist, such as the snow is set-up firmly in the morning,
softening up as the day progresses. Surface is still a little uneven in
areas, in spite of our efforts, and a few rocks are poking through. There
is a little grass and sprouts also still showing. This all being said, we
have laid down some corduroy, but I doubt it will last. We will groom as
conditions warrant, although by this weekend I anticipate some serious bare
spots. Bottom line: The ski season has begun, so... Get out the dancin'
shoes(snow dance) - we need more snow.


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