Tuesday, March 24, 2009

03/24 Tuesday - No more than 3" of new(difficult to measure due to slight
breeze). Got the roller out this afternoon and used it from the parking lot
to the end of Van's, and also Upper UW. I then groomed from the parking lot
thru Van's.

There are 2 or 3 thin spots leading out to the beginning of Phil's. From
that point on it is pretty good skiing. A couple of icy spots, and the rest
is fresh snow corduroy. The first loop from the end of Van's to the cutoff
is pretty good. The rest of the loop that goes down into Haunted Forrest
has some thin areas. The return part of Moose is good. Turnpike has a thin
spot at the top of the hill, otherwise it is good. I would not recommend
the return part of Phil's as it has several thin spots.

I did not groom Upper UW as it was close to enough snow to be good. I am
hoping some snow will blow in and we should have enough to work with.

I would advise against Ridge and Alder as they have numerous thin spots.

Surface conditions were a little soft upon completion of grooming today,
that said we intend to groom again Wednesday morning.


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