Sunday, February 19, 2017

02/19 Sunday

Last nite, while grooming for today's Loppet race, we had to shovel a lot of snow to cover bare spots.  The warm weather and lack of snow has had quite a negative effect on our base.  We generally don't move snow like this until at least March.  Summit has multiple open areas and did not receive any snow moving.  Lower UW, Ridge, Blackjack, Alder and Rollercoaster are the trails that required the most shoveling.   The bad news is that there is hardly enough snow left on the sides of trails to shovel.  

We are in desperate need of some effective snow dancing!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

02/16 Thursdayr

All trails groomed yesterday and today.  Base is firm, with a softer surface.  Summit has a few thin/open areas.  The rest of the ski trail system we have shoveled snow on open areas to try and maintain good skiing.  We need colder temps and more snow soon. 

The weatherman says it will be warm and dry for the next few days.  Do the snow dance to try and prove him wrong.  I know, I KNOW, it would be unusual to have the weatherman be wrong on a prediction but let's try.  You'll feel better for the effort.

Also, there are races scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.  Check the website for details.

Good skiing, Randy

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

02/14 Tuesday

Happy Valentines Day!  All ski trails groomed.  Base remains firm but, with a softer surface.  Coverage is good to fair.  Summit has a few spots that ground is showing thru, and Lower U W has a couple of places on the edge of the trails.  All still skiable.

Have fun, Randy

Monday, February 13, 2017

02/13 Mondaye

All ski trails groomed.  The base remains firm, while the surface is softer.  Skiing is good.  Classics tracks are in fair shape.  Due to base condition, classic tracks likely will not be reset until we receive more snow.  

There is another race scheduled for this weekend(see website for details).  That said, we need a successful version of the snow dance performed ASAP.  Otherwise, we might have a mudder race instead of a ski race.

Good skiing, Randy

Sunday, February 12, 2017

02/12 Sunday

All ski trails groomed.  Dan attempted to set classic tracks on all trails except Rollercoaster.  Due to trail conditions tracks went in with varying levels of success.  

We had an epic meltdown on Friday.  We had more snow melt, in one day, than I can recall ever seeing.  We eventually received 2" of snow Saturday morning... After the rain???

We still have good coverage.  The base is loose on the surface and firm below due to the colder temps.  

Good skiing, Randy

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

02/07 Tuesday

No new snow.  All ski trails groomed.  Upper and Lower UW are a little soft due to leveling for the High School and Jr. High races scheduled for Friday and Saturday.  We will continue to perform course prep up to the beginning of the races.  Please respect the racers and the courses.


Monday, February 6, 2017

02/06 Monday

All ski trails groomed this morning.  Coverage remains good.  The base is firm but, we were able to loosen up the surface for better skiing.

It's about time for some new snow to freshen up the ski trails.  Might want to try out a new version of the snow dance?  Sooner than later.

Have fun, Randy