Sunday, April 15, 2018

04/15 Sunday

Campground, Meadow thru Van's, and Upper UW groomed today.  The good news: where there is snow, the skiing is very good.  The bad news: there are areas of bare ground completely across ski trails in some areas.  Campground and Meadow have coverage, Upper UW is about 95%, Phils outbound is about 95%, Turnpike, Moose and Van's outbound are 100%.  Inbound Van's is bare in a couple of bad spots and is 90%,  Moose is bare in a bad area and is 95%, Turnpike is 100%, Phils is about 80%, and Gobi's is 90%.  Trails not listed above were too thin/bare to take grooming equipment on for the last few days.  

Regular grooming will cease as of today.  It has again been a pleasure for us to serve the skiers of the area.  It was good to see old friends, and also to make new.  Dan and I hope you have a fantastic offseason.


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday, April 14


About two inches of new snow overnight. It got blown around quite a bit so the coverage wasn't complete. That said it did groom out very nice. Top side of Campground, Meadow, Upper UW, Phil's through Van's was groomed and looking good.

Have fun getting those last few days of skiing in!

Friday, April 13, 2018

04/13 Friday

Campground, Meadow thru Van's, and Upper UW groomed this morning.  The bad news is that yesterday's sunshine was very hard on the snow base.  It opened up some new areas and created ice in places.  The good news is when we arrived this morning it was 21 degrees, and when we left it was 21 degrees and snowing hard.  We'll see what tomorrow holds...


Thursday, April 12, 2018

04/12 Thursday

Campground, Meadow thru Vans, Upper UW groomed this morning.  The lower part of Campground is gone.  Phils has a couple of spots to work around, as does one area on Moose inbound.  Roundabout, Lower UW, Ridge, Blackjack, and Alder will not receive any further grooming without an epic snow and colder weather.  Mother nature is taking the snow base in preparation for the change in seasons.  We will continue to groom ski trails that hold snow as long as skiers are using them.  This may cease rather soon...  stay tuned.

Also, to the spineless jerks who vandalized the MBNA sign, I hope you soon meet my friend Karma... she can be a real bitch.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday, April 11

Spring skiers!!

Upper trails are still in excellent shape and were groomed out today. Lower trails, Lower UW, Blackjack, Rollercoaster, Ridge, Alder and Summit probably won't get any attention unless we get more snow!

A lot of foot traffic today, I did what I could but if you're not skiing please use the Multi-Use trails.

Enjoy the warm skiing!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

04/10 Tuesday

About 1" of new snow overnite.  All ski trails, except Summit and Rollercoaster, groomed today.  With colder temps, and a little new snow, the trails groomed out very good.  I did shovel some on Ridge, and Campground Loop to keep them skiable.  Ridge, Blackjack, and Lower UW have significant open areas, and trail narrowing and will not endure with a lot of sunshine.  Upper UW, and Meadow thru Van's had only one open area this morning located on Moose Loop inbound.  As the current open areas on Ridge and Moose can come up quickly while skiing, I have them marked with an orange traffic cone.  As I was leaving, I noticed the sun had softened the surface considerably.

Good skiing, Randy

Monday, April 9, 2018

04/09 Monday

1" to 2" of new snow overnite.  All ski trails, except Summit and Rollercoaster groomed today.  surface is a little soft.  Coverage is dependent on amount of sunshine and is in constant flux.  Skiing on UpperUW, Meadow thru Van's should be good.

Have fun, Randy